How to take care of your fashion/costume jewelry

Tips to take good care of your imitation jewelry:

Imitation jewelry can stimulate the luxury of original gold jewelry and it can enhance your personality more. Moreover, as it’s not much expensive.

Ladies buy various collections of jewelry on multiple occasions.Costume Jewelry is eye catching, pretty and very popular. It can last for years if proper care is given to it. Moreover, learning how to preserve your costume jewelry is one of the keys to keeping them beautiful. Let's explore some useful tips for preserving your beloved costume pieces.

Your jewelry should be the last thing to put on and the first thing to take off:

Put your jewelry after you are done with your clothing, hair and makeup. This will prevent your jewelry from getting tangled with your clothes as well as from getting damaged by your makeup and hair products.

Similarly, take off your jewelry before changing the clothes and washing your face.


Avoid Chemicals:

Never wear artificial Jewelry while doing dishes/laundry. It may ruin the color and shine of your jewelry.

Also, never wear your artificial jewelry at a spa or in a pool because chlorinated water can react with the metal thereby causing the jewelry to change color.

























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